ADS-B Category 021报文解析软件的设计与实现
引用本文:冯建锋,鱼佳欣,刘明菊,孟祥强.ADS-B Category 021报文解析软件的设计与实现[J].计算技术与自动化,2017,(4):115-118
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冯建锋,鱼佳欣,刘明菊,孟祥强 (中国洛阳电子装备试验中心河南 济源 459000) 
中文摘要:由于ADS-B设备相比雷达和遥测遥控具有低成本、小型化和通用性的优点,且能够对长航时、远距离的飞行目标进行监控,文章规划了Category 021 报文的引入方案,对Category 021报文格式进行分析,重点设计开发了Category 021报文解析软件,通过接收并处理ADS-B地面站传送的目标航迹数据,实现了ADS-B信号中合作目标航迹数据的提取与显示,并进行了测试验证。测试结果表明:该方案能有效地实现对飞行目标的快速跟踪监视,增强了对飞行目标的监控手段。
中文关键词:ADS-B;Category 021报文  航迹数据  目标监视
Design and/Mplementation of ADS-B Category 021 Message Parsing Sofeware
Abstract:Because of ADS-B equipment compared to radar and telemetry remote control has the advantages of low cost,miniaturization and generality,and can fly for long-endurance,long-distance target monitoring,the article the introduction of the planning for the category 021 message,to analyze the category 021 message format,the key category 021 message parsing software is designed and developed,by receiving and processing ADS-B ground transfer target track data,implement the cooperation in ADS-B signal extraction and tracking data show that and test verification.Test results show that the scheme can effectively realize the flying target fast track monitor,strengthens the monitoring means of the flying target.
keywords:ADS-B  category 021 data  track data  target monitoring.
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