引用本文:胡 军,李 奥,冷龙龙.Duffing振子在小电阻测量中的应用与研究[J].计算技术与自动化,2018,(2):38-41
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胡 军,李 奥,冷龙龙 (湘潭大学 信息工程学院湖南 湘潭 411105) 
中文关键词:小电阻测量  Duffing振子  测量精度  测量效率  LabVIEW
Application and Research of Duffing Oscillator in Small Resistance Measurement
Abstract:In some precision instruments, small resistors use small current excitation, resulting in limited measurement accuracy and low measurement efficiency. In order to improve the measurement accuracy and measurement efficiency, a non-linear detection method based on Duffing oscillator detection is proposed to detect the signal and reduce the noise interference inside the electronic device. The hardware circuit is used to eliminate the directional DC error by the current backward test method, Signal detection; through the LabVIEW computer on the data processing by the real-time resistance. The test results show that the measurement of small resistance value can effectively improve the measurement accuracy of the system by using Duffing oscillator. The test results show that the scheme of Duffing oscillator can improve the accuracy of the system for small resistance test.
keywords:small resistance measurement  duffing oscillator  measurement accuracy  measurement efficiency  LabVIEW
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