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李超赢,李秦伟 (贵州大学 计算机科学与技术学院贵州 贵阳 550025) 
中文关键词:CAN总线  认证协议  BAN逻辑  密钥序列  负载率
A Security Protocol of CAN-BUS
Abstract:This paper proposes a solution that in view of security problem existing in the CAN-BUS. This solution is embed a layer of the new system that include certification system and cryptosystem to provide privacy and integrity protection for news in the original bus. Frist,provide authentication protocol and given the Formalized analysis using BAN Logic,Analysis results show this protocol is feasible;then cryptosystem adopt one time padding encryption method and symmetric encryption algorithm;finally discussed performance and prospect of this scheme.
keywords:CAN-bus  authentication protocol  BAN logic  key sequences  load rate
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