OSSData: 面向开源社区的分布式数据采集框架
引用本文:林维?覮,陈曦,王松.OSSData: 面向开源社区的分布式数据采集框架[J].计算技术与自动化,2019,(1):102-107
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林维?覮,陈曦,王松 (长沙理工大学 综合交通运输大数据智能处理湖南省重点实验室湖南 长沙 410114) 
中文关键词:开源社区  数据采集  网络爬虫  分布式框架
OSSData:A Distributed Acquisition Framework for Open Source Communities
Abstract:In recent years,open source software has developed rapidly and its application fields and scopes have become increasingly extensive. At the same time,the success of open source software has attracted plenty of developers to contribute. Consequently,the open source software communities have accumulated a mass of data relating to software applications and development. The richness of the data has gradually attracted the attention of researchers,and a series of researches have been conducted on the collaborative development and quality assurance of open source software. In order to better support this kind of academic research,a customizable data acquisition framework for open source communities is proposed. The framework is designed to have high flexibility and robustness,and stable and long-running acquisition is available for customized tasks,which improve the efficiency and quality of data acquisition.
keywords:open source community  data acquisition  web crawler  distributed framework.
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