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中文摘要:为了深入探究故障温度与SF6过热分解之间的关系,克服对运行中设备进行故障发展程度监测的困难,通过设计局部发热元件进行过热故障模拟,在该平台上开展200 ℃ ~ 360 ℃模拟实验。结果表明:SF6在200 ℃时就开始出现分解,故障温度较低时,SF6分解产物主要存在形式为SO2;中温段开始新生成SOF2;SO2F2、COS、H2S在高温下才产生,该三种产物的检出可表征设备已发生严重过热故障。此外,还定义了C(SO2F2 + SOF2)/C(SO2)特征比值量,其与故障发展趋势紧密相关,该值越大,揭示了SF6气体绝缘劣化越严重,电气设备故障发展程度就越严重。
Study on Development Trend of Overheated Decomposition Characteristics of SF6 Gas with Temperature
Abstract:In order to deeply probe into the relationship between fault temperature and SF6 overheating decomposition,and overcome the difficulty of monitoring the fault development of equipment in operation,serials of simulation experiments were carried out at 200 ℃ ~ 360 ℃ on the experiment apparatus.The results showed that SF6 started to decomopose at 200 ℃,and the maindecomposition products of SF6 was SO2 when the fault temperature was low.In the middle temperature section,SOF2 were generated,while SOF2、COS and H2S were generated at high temperature.The detection of these three products indicated that serious overheating fault has occurred in the equipment.Furthermore,component characteristicratioC(SO2F2 + SOF2)/C(SO2) is defined in this paper,which is closely related to the fault development trend.The lager the value is,the more serious the SF6 gas insulation deterioration is,the more serious the fault development degree of electrical equipment is.
keywords:thermal fault  SF6 decomposition products  characteristic ratio
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