10 kV开关柜局部放电检测方法研究
引用本文:汪 晨,余嘉文,陈 强.10 kV开关柜局部放电检测方法研究[J].计算技术与自动化,2021,(1):73-78
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汪 晨,余嘉文,陈 强 (国网芜湖供电公司安徽 芜湖 241000) 
中文摘要:针对高压开关柜局部放电的问题,提出了10 kV开关柜局部放电检测方法,并设计出开关柜局部放电检测的整套系统。在本设计的方案中,采用监控装置对开关柜现场进行检测,并通过工业CCD摄像机进行实时变换立体空间,从而360°无死角地实现开关柜检测的视频、图像采集,然后引用结合 Sobel 算子的四帧差分法算法,对所采集到的视频、图像进行计算、分析。然后根据开关柜中的异常数据,选择不同的检测单元,比如红外线检测单元、超声波检测单元和特高频检测单元,从而实现开关柜局部放电的高精度、实时检测。通过试验,本研究设计的技术方案检测精度较高,大大提高了设备的安全性。
中文关键词:10 kV  局部放电  Sobel 算子  CCD摄像机  四帧差分法算法  检测
Research on Partial Discharge Detection Method of 10 kV Switchgear
Abstract:Aiming at the problem of partial discharge in high-voltage switchgear, a partial discharge detection method for 10 kV switchgear was proposed, and a complete system for partial discharge detection in switchgear was designed. In the scheme designed, the monitoring device is used to detect the switchgear on-site, and the stereo space is transformed in real time by an industrial CCD camera, so that the video and image acquisition of the switchgear can be captured 360 ° without dead angles. The sub-frame four-frame difference algorithm calculates and analyzes the collected video and images. Then, according to the abnormal data in the switch cabinet, different detection units are selected, such as infrared detection unit, ultrasonic detection unit and UHF detection unit, so as to achieve high-precision, real-time detection of partial discharge in the switch cabinet. Through experiments, the technical scheme designed has higher detection accuracy, which greatly improves the safety of the equipment.
keywords:10 kV  partial discharge  Sobel operator  CCD camera  four-frame difference algorithm  detection
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