引用本文:陈聪1, 倪峰2.IC-CPD测试系统设计与研究[J].计算技术与自动化,2024,(2):198-204
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陈聪1, 倪峰2 (1.江苏航空职业技术学院江苏 镇江 212134
2.苏州优利卡电子科技有限公司江苏 苏州 215000) 
中文关键词:IC-CPD  CP信号  测试设备  LIN通信
Design and Research of IC-CPD Testing System
Abstract:Electric vehicle charging mode 2 belongs to the AC slow charging mode, which can connect to traditional home sockets and vehicles for easy carrying and flexible use. Charging mode 2 must be equipped with In-Cable Control and Protection Device (IC-CPD) to ensure charging security. Therefore, before the IC-CPD is issued, it must be tested to meet the conditions of safe use. Based on the importance of IC-CPD testing, the main functions and internal structures of the IC-CPD were analyzed; the design and development of an electric vehicle charging mode 2 guidance process, CP signal testing, and auxiliary charging network relay off test IC-CPD testing device; also gives the hardware circuit design of the testing device and the process of testing with the IC-CPD.
keywords:IC-CPD  CP signal  test device  LIN communication
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